Nothing is Priceless

by Viiden kulma

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Альбом был написан в период с декабря 2013 по январь 2015.

Названия песен, обложка и семпл открывающего трека - отсылка к видео "The Wyoming Incident", на котором основана концепция релиза.


released January 25, 2015

Music by Domilition
Lyrics by Bansheerie
Cover art by Oakim



all rights reserved


Viiden kulma Russian Federation

Russian musical project, which is implemented with Guitar Pro 6 and FL Studio 10. Music is created in instrumental doom rock\metal style, except Roamer, which includes vocals.

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Track Name: Why Do You Hate?
Why do you hate? What do you seek?
Why do you think everyone is a freak?
You want off the leash, you crave to break free,
You want it so much and that’s what puzzles me

Your hate is immense, you need a release,
You are sick and tired, you feel ill at ease,
You can’t understand, you’ve got no fucking clue,
So sit down and keep calm, we’ve got answer for you
Track Name: You Are Ill
You are ill,
Oh no please, don’t you frown,
You are ill,
And you need to lie down,
You are ill,
It got much worse today,
You are ill,
Please don’t send us away
Track Name: We Just Want to Fix You
We just want to fix you, so you could be like us,
We have a testimony that you will love it here,
I don’t know what her name was, but she had a nice ass,
She said you were the person who had nothing to fear

We all will be together, we’ll play our little games,
We really want to help you, and we mean what we say,
We’ll gather ‘round the fire and tell our little tales,
We’ll stay in here forever and there will be no pay
Track Name: What Hides In Your Mind?
What hides in your mind?
Why are you so shy?
Please open to us,
Please don’t make a fuss

What hides in your mind?
What makes you so blind?
Shut up, whining whelp,
We’re here only to help

What hides in your mind?
There’s no need to cry out,
We all know what it was,
So keep silent because
Track Name: We Have Already Seen It
We have already seen it,
And we liked what we saw,
And you may not believe it,
But we ate her flesh raw

We have seen it, we have seen it,
It was scary, cold and damp,
We have seen it, we have seen it,
It was bloody, tight and cramped

We have seen it, we have seen it,
In an armchair, Tudor-styled,
We have seen it, we have seen it,
Sat the girl whom you defiled
Track Name: You Can Lose Everything
You can lose everything,
You can lose your mind,
But when you face nothing,
There’s not even nothing to find

You can scream bloody murder,
You can cry if you like,
But somebody will find her,
And there’s no turning back
Track Name: Nothing Is Priceless
Nothing is priceless except for your freedom,
You have many brothers and you can be with them,
Believe us, you won’t find the other way pleasant,
So do me a favor, keep your hands off that razor

We offer our goodwill, we shall share the friendship,
We are really good at easing the tension,
You must understand, it’s the only way out,
So give us your hand and no need to shout
Track Name: You Cannot Hide Forever...We are at the door
You cannot hide forever,
It’s pointless hide-and-seek,
You cannot hide forever,
The steps began to creak

Your mind begins to crumble,
You don’t believe in ghosts,
The world is bleeding rumble,
And all this is because

We are at the door,
You crawl on the floor,
Stand up, let us in,
Let the freakshow begin

We are at the door,
We are men made of straw,
We’re your sanity’s shards,
That’s where all the fun starts
Track Name: You Are Lost On The Path
You are lost on the path
In the middle of nowhere,
No colors, no sounds,
That makes it game over

Count the holes in the wall,
Grip your teeth and be strong,
We’ll soon come to play,
When the nurse rings the gong,
In the asylum,
Where you belong,
And you know who we are,
We were you all along