by Viiden Kulma

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released June 28, 2013

The first track has a sample from "Silent Hill 4".



all rights reserved


Viiden kulma Russian Federation

Russian musical project, which is implemented with Guitar Pro 6 and FL Studio 10. Music is created in instrumental doom rock\metal style, except Roamer, which includes vocals.

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Track Name: Intro
And now, the news.
Yesterday, in Ashfield and the woods near Silent Hill the bodies of five apparent murder victims and sixth severely wounded female were discovered.
The woman was immediately rushed to St. Jerome's Hospital, but died short time later of her injuries.
She has been identified as a Miss Eileen Galvin of Ashfield.
The last body discovered was found in Room 302 of the South Ashfield Height's apartments.
He is believed to be that of it's occupant, Henry Townshend.
The body was reportedly disfigured beyond recognition, making identification impossible.
Track Name: Before and After
The world is divided into before and after,
The sand trickles down through the fingers of time,
My place is beside you, to hear your bright laughter,
But I’m so alone in this life full of grime

We are the two roads never crossing each other,
Two banks of one river that will never meet,
Beyond wall of sleep, that’s when we’ll come together,
But here, on the Earth, we’re alone and hearts bleed

The crowds of grey strangers and time are between us,
And this wall of people is too hard to break,
And this flame of passion burns bright like Venus,
But my hand is empty, I can’t give, I can’t take

I was dead and gone, but now I got back here,
The freak resurrected, again and again,
I came and I saw and I shuddered in horror,
At the sight of these beautiful eyes filled with pain

I would hate to be any kind of annoyance,
While muttering weakly expressions of love,
The fates of the people have so much in common,
And we are no different, we are not alone
Track Name: Young Wine
(Domilition & Джо The Horrible)

If your life’s full of worries, just touch it,
Touch the young wine, for it’s full of life,
While I’m in you, the light will shine loudly,
And the summer eternal will rise

Till there’s light,
Till there’s sound,
My hands will keep you warm,
And the vicious circle is born

Till there’s wine, the day will be forever,
Because too long a night came to pass,
Taste the wine and you’ll feel much better,
Try to help yourself at last

It is not crystal goblet that’s worthy,
It is too much an honor for wine,
Let a stone mug of wine drown your sorrows,
Gulp it down till you see devil’s smile

While your lips are so gently kissing,
The tender, soft mouth of young wine,
You won’t ever want to miss me,
Cause the long night looks into your eyes
Track Name: Mutant
I was born here,
The same as you,
But I am stronger,
I was born under the light of the star,
I am a mutant and you are a human.

We are plenty, those like me,
We live among you,
We talk to you,
We talk with words,
Without them just flows
For mutation

You don’t know who you are,
And I know what I’ve become,
You don’t know what life is,
But I’ve realized,
And struck the mirror,
Willing to die,
But the Death saw my face
And fled in terror,
And I tried to smash the glass but I couldn’t,
I have to live, for I am a mutant


We hate faces and we love apples of the eyes,
Because these things never lie,
We walk the star trek forever,
The only thing the mutants will have, ever

(Джо The Horrible & Domilition)
Track Name: Chains
They won’t get off till I die
I am living a lie
I can feel trouble ahead
But I’m in chains
And it’s driving me mad

There is no choice I can make
The fucking chains will not break
I can do nothing at all
I am in chains
I can’t prevent your fall

I’m being played like a doll
I still can hear you call
I need to win the race
But chains
Are keeping me in this place

Make me wriggle in pain
Cold steel and bloody stains
Will be the end of my life
But with these chains
I was never alive
Track Name: Witch
Болотный цвет зелёных глаз,
Затягивает в трясину.
Но тебя ждёт осиновый кол,
По тебе плачет осина.
Завораживают, рисуя круги,
Твои холодные руки,
И шевелятся во тьме живых волос
Золотые гадюки.
И только губы согреты огнём,
И, по мне начиная движение,
Несут телу забытую боль,
Нестерпимое жжение.
Ты можешь, ты красива.
Но тебя ждёт осиновый кол,
По тебе плачет осина.
Ведь и я могу точить иглу
И траву собирать при луне.
Я могу мчаться в ночи на некованном коне.
Но меня вынесут сильные кони
Из проклятой болотной трясины.
А тебя ждёт осиновый кол.
По тебе плачет осина.

Track Name: I Still Love You
Look at me and look at me again,
Do you see, do you see I’m a man?
Cast aside and thrown away like waste,
Rejection has a very bitter taste

Look at me, listen to what I say,
Look at me, there’s no choice anyway,
I’ve got a fourty-four pointed straight at your head,
Six bullets are hungry to make you dead

Why did you, why did you do this to me?
You ask me, you ask me to just leave you be,
Am I not, not good enough for you?
What do you really expect me to do?

I love you, I love you since we first met,
I took out my heart and made the ultimate bet,
You told me I was yours and you were mine,
How on Earth could I be so blind?

Greed, cold reason and sin’s what you are,
You never did love me and you went too far,
As far as to laugh and tell me I was a fool,
Now you see, darling, I can also be cruel

I would have done anything for you,
But you’ve fucked things up and you say we’re through,
But if we are through, we’re through to the end,
Your blue-green eyes stare at the gun in my hand

One and two, three and four, five and six,
Your blood is the color of your favorite lipstick,
Please understand, that’s what I had to do,
You’re dead and gone, but I still love you